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Specializing in large land clearing projects with multiple stumps, roots, and blow-overs with exposed root-balls, the bigger the better. Our highly accomplished owner/operator plus our Vermeer SC60TX stump grinder are superior service-providers built to take on the toughest jobs quickly. The machine's track-driven design allows it to operate in any terrain without causing damage to delicate lawns/yards, and its wireless remote control makes it safer, more precise, and able to maneuver flower beds and other areas not easily accessible.


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Expertise in land clearing, removal of brush, trees, and shrubs from a plot of land to make way for new construction, renovations, or a lawn expansion. Services include site preparation, commercial site development, debris removal, underbrush removal and more! Equipped with a Kubota tractor including grapple and bucket attachments, and the option to just rent a dumpster through us, so we're ready to get your project completed quickly and efficiently!

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The Workhorse Company, tree service, land clearing, stump grinder

Rent a dumpster from us at much lower rates than other waste removal companies, available for all homeowners and local business-owners! Excluding hazardous waste, our container can haul large household rubbish, and construction debris. We will drop off and pick up on-site, when it's full or you're ready. As an added service, we can pick up the waste and load it for you. The Workhorse Team is ready to assist with your waste management, at great prices. Small business owners, rent a dumpster today and let us supply you with an efficient construction waste option on major building or demolition projects, so you can keep working to ensure that your customer is well taken care of on-time!


The Workhorse Company, stump grinding, tree removal, lot clearing, tree stump removal

Able to take down some single trees (that isn't land clearing), depending on location and required equipment. We're always willing to come out and take a look at tree jobs, to be certain of whether it's something we can take down safely or not. If we must pass on a job, we can still give you our personal references for some other amazing local tree services, and let you know who we feel is best suited for the specific job. Estimates are always free, so give us a call today to schedule an appointment, and let us discuss your next project with you!

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